Rick Young Fine Art & Illustration

About the Artist

Building a log cabin amid the pinon-covered mesas and canyons of southern Colorado rekindled Rick's passion for art.  A growing appreciation for the subtle beauty of the Southwest led him to pick up a paintbrush for the first time in twenty years.  Soon, Rick developed his own unique approach to capturing the Western landscape in oils.
After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Miami University (Ohio), Rick moved to Colorado where he embarked upon a career in teaching.  While earning an MA in U.S. History at the University of Colorado (Denver), Rick researched the experience of one group native to the Southwest:  the Southern Ute Indians.  This work culminated in Rick's award-winning book, The Ute Indians of Colorado in the Twentieth Century.  In his paintings, Rick taps his knowledge of the peoples of the Southwest--Native, Hispano, and Anglo--to better depict the human imprint on this land.
Having recently retired from teaching, Rick is now painting full time.  Rick lives with his wife and daughter in Castle Rock, Colorado.  
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